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Have you ever faced trouble with the dealership while getting car keys made? Losing car keys can turn into a nightmare for many unfortunate vehicle owners who have to wait for days to get a new set made and pay through their noses for a simple key creation service. Central City AZ Locksmith Store is a professional locksmith agency in area that can reproduce your car keys within just minutes and at a much lower price than your dealership!

All kind of car keys made

We can make new car keys for all make and models of vehicles, old or new. Plus, our experts can also cut brand new keys for motorcycles, pickup trucks, vans, and other four-wheelers.

Transponder car keys or smart keys:

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With the improvement of technology, almost all car manufacturers started fitting car keys with advanced transponder chips that can sync with the immobilizer system in the car. These keys, also known as transponder keys, can unlock your car by passing on a coded data to the immobilizer. This advanced system ensures that thieves cannot start the car by bypassing the ignition. Such keys cannot be made easily as they have to be coded specially for your vehicle. Central City AZ Locksmith Store’s auto locksmiths can make transponder keys expertly and get new car keys made in quick time.

Remote car keys:

Remote car keys are a swanky invention that allows people to unlock their cars with the push of a button and has been around for quite a while now. If you always desired a remote car key but didn’t get one made due to a high price tag then now is your chance. Central City AZ Locksmith Store can easily implement a remote keyless entry system on your vehicle at very affordable prices.

Standard car keys:

If you are still using an old car key or have never upgraded the keys to an old model of a car, then you can get standard car keys made from Central City AZ Locksmith Store at very low prices.

Car keys made round-the-clock

Unlike your car dealer who takes a minimum 2-3 day window to make a new set of keys, Central City AZ Locksmith Store can make a new set within the same day. If you are stuck in an emergency, our experts can reach your location in a jiffy and make new car keys right on the spot with the help of our advanced tools.

Need quality car keys that are sturdier than ever? Call us on 602-491-0901 and get new car keys made now!