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Every responsible organization needs a professional locksmith company to develop and maintain its locking systems.  Central City AZ Locksmith Store has been catering to the diverse locksmith needs of several commercial clients, including large industries, for over 10 years in Central City. We serve a range of verticals and provide all sorts of basic and complex services to fortify commercial security setups. Some of our clients include: 

  • RestaurantsCentral City AZ Locksmith Store, Central City, AZ 602-491-0901
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Parking spaces
  • Banks
  • Colleges and schools
  • Buildings

We have been coming up with robust solutions to fortify commercial setups for over 10 years now. Today, we are the most trusted and dependable locksmith firm in the entire Central City, AZ and our customers know that we will be there even if they call us in the dead of the night. Our locksmith experts are quick on their feet and come up with actionable solutions to different types of lock or key-related challenges. We have a fleet of mobile locksmiths that help us reach your establishment faster than anybody else can. 
Highlights of our commercial locksmith services:

Lock Damage

Old and rusty locks can be broken very easily and almost 90% of thefts happen in places with a weak locking system. An old lock can also get jammed, leaving you and your employees locked out of the property – it’s definitely an embarrassing situation you would want to avoid. We provide affordable locking solutions to commercial clients in Phoenix. Our professional locksmiths can get your locks latching and turning in no time and would even replace them with robust ones in case they are damaged. 

Advanced lock systems

Even though you might have a locking system in place, you can never know if it is secure enough to protect your property against external threats. We offer foolproof locking solutions to our clients and recommend the most advanced high-security locks that can effectively hold up against modern security threats. Our locksmith experts can program digital locks that cannot be penetrated, install modern locking mechanism and set up restricted access. These measures can help you fortify your business against any kind of external or internal security threat and add to your peace of mind. 

Key services

There are some areas in your establishment that are not meant to be accessed by everyone and you don’t want a situation where a lost key can pose a threat to your business. Our emergency locksmiths can immediately rekey your locks and provide a range of other services to keep your business secure. We can easily create spare keys, implement master key systems, cut high-security keys, extract broken keys. 

Safe/ cabinet locks

You may take several measures to protect your business against external threats but it is equally essential to safeguard your assets against internal threats as well. Cabinet locks can give away easily and call for advanced measures to keep your files and documents safe. We install high-security impenetrable cabinet locks to ensure that all your confidential data remain out of harm’s way.  

Emergency locks 

It is mandatory for every organization to have proper emergency exits in place to keep their customers and employees safe. With the passage of time and lack of use, these locks may get rusty or jammed. Improper locks are unsafe for your staff and may also invite hefty fines from authorities. We provide periodic maintenance, repair and replacement services to our clients to help them keep their push bars and panic locks functional. 

An overview of our services:Central City AZ Locksmith Store, Central City, AZ 602-491-0901

  • Building lockout assistance
  • Key cutting services
  • 24/7 mobile locksmith services 
  • Keypad lock installation
  • Rekeying of locks
  • Installing magnetic locks
  • High-security lock upgrades
  • Master key and sub-master key systems
  • Mending broken locks
  • Full-office locks installation
  • Periodic repair and maintenance
  • Setting restricted keyways
  • File cabinet locks installation
  • Push bar, panic lock installation repair and replacement

We have been appreciated by many companies for helping them fortify their premises with our expert solutions. Companies trust us for our high-quality standards and promise of availability, quality, and dependability. If you need custom lock and key solutions in Central City to secure your premises, call Central City AZ Locksmith Store.