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Many property owners face difficulties from unruly tenants who do not pay their rent on time and are negligent towards the property. Nobody wants to retain such tenants. If you are looking to evict them, you would require a professional eviction locksmith service provider, who can help you gain entry to your own property by evicting the troublesome tenant. Central City AZ Locksmith Store is a dependable locksmith service provider in area and has helped landlords with hundreds of evictions over the years. Our professional locksmiths are well-versed in handling the eviction procedure and can make things easier for you.

What should you do before hiring our eviction locksmith service?

An eviction is not a spontaneous business and must be done after following certain procedures. If you want to avail our eviction locksmith service, you would have to first serve a primary notice to the tenant to clear the property. If the tenant ignores the notice and refuses to budge, you can file a court case against him after a specified time.  Upon getting the decision in your favor, you will be in your rights to evict the tenant in the presence of the law. You can fix a time with us in advance and our team will be with you at the appointed time. It will take our experts just 15-20 minutes to unlock the door and complete the eviction process. Our locksmiths are available 24/7 for emergency eviction services as well.

What happens during the eviction procedure?

If the tenant is refusing to vacate the property and is locked in, then our locksmiths would open the lock before a presiding law officer. The officer will enter and escort the tenant out of your premise, leaving you with the vacant possession of the property and to do whatever you deem fit with it.

Prevent retaliation damage by getting a security upgrade

We would suggest you to enhance the security of your property post eviction of your tenant by eliminating all possibilities of him returning with malevolent intentions and causing damage to the property or the next tenant. The best and most economical option is to get your locks rekeyed. Our competent eviction locksmith service team can expertly perform such services at highly affordable prices. They can also replace or install new locks on your windows, mailbox, garage doors, etc. to make you property more secure.

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