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Garage doors serve as an important entryway into the house and can be used by burglars or vandals as an easy access point. Ensuring optimum security by installing sturdy locks should be the responsibility of every homeowner. Central City AZ Locksmith Store can help you find the right garage door locks and install them at throwaway prices.

Already have a lock in your garage? If you have not replaced your garage door locks in a long time and are doubtful about their condition, our experts can have a look at them and ascertain whether you need an upgrade or not. Central City AZ Locksmith Store has been installing quality locks for many of its commercial and residential clients in for over a decade and can also implement advanced security sensors to give a boost to your security.

Get advice from experts

We all have our area of expertise, ours is locks. Our experts possess knowledge of thousands of locks and the latest security mechanisms. All you need to do is call us, tell us your budget and security requirements, and our experts will help you find the best garage door locks in that price. 

Garage door lock options

We have a wide variety of garage door locks in our inventory, including special tamper-proof variants that offer added protection. You call us anytime and check out our products.Here is a brief overview of some of our most popular products:

  • Deadbolt locks: If you are looking for an affordable and effective option, deadbolt locks are the best choice. They are exactly similar to the locks installed on your front door, wherein you turn the key inside the lock to move the bolt into its position.

  • Handle locks: The traditional handle locks can also be used as a no-fuss option. However, they can be easily breached and won’t provide enough security against vandalism.

  • Automated locks: These locks are gaining popularity everywhere due to their ease of operation and tech-savvy appeal. If you have a remote access system for the garage door, you can extend the functionality to the locks for a completely automated system. 

24/7 assistance

Central City AZ Locksmith Store experts are available 24/7, and 365 days a year. You can call us during an emergency or an overnight installation job, and our experts will happily assist you.

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