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It’s a standard misconception that only an auto mechanic or car dealer can fix the ignition switch of your vehicle. Central City AZ Locksmith Store’s team of auto locksmith experts can repair or replace your ignition cylinder at a rate much cheaper than any mechanic or dealer in area. We offer 24/7 ignition repair service and have helped numerous customers over the years.

Signs of a dysfunctional ignition switch

There are several signs indicating that there is something wrong with your ignition switch. When you turn on the ignition, it transmits a current from the battery to the starter, which in turn revs up the engine. A dysfunctional ignition switch will not be able to initiate this operation properly. Here are some signs indicating that you should get your ignition switch checked:

  • The key does not turn properly inside the switch
  • Your vehicle halts unexpectedly and at regular intervals
  • Your vehicle fails to start when you turn on the ignition
  • You can feel overheating in the switch area

If you are experiencing any of the above, then it’s time you should get ignition repair service. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell whether the problem lies with your car or ignition when the vehicle fails to start. In order to determine whether you need to take your car to the dealer, you can call our auto locksmith experts for a free checkup.

Quality ignition repair service

Central City AZ Locksmith Store can perform ignition repair on all new make and models of vehicles. You call us anytime on our helpline number and our auto locksmith experts in area will reach your location promptly, detect the problem with your ignition, and find the most appropriate solution to fix the issue. Also, our prices are very reasonable.

24/7 assistance

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Sometimes, an emergency situation like your car halting in the middle of a deserted road might compel you to take a look at the ignition yourself. This is not always advisable as the wires can short out and cause harm. If you are worried about getting rescued in time, simply call Central City AZ Locksmith Store and state your urgency. We will reach you in just 15-20 minutes on our mobile locksmith vans and get you out of trouble.

Is your ignition acting up lately? Call us anytime on 602-491-0901 for ignition repair service.