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Commercial buildings like restaurants, theaters, universities, schools, etc. should have emergency exits for urgent escape during a crisis situation. Most governments across the world have mandated the installation of these emergency exits, the absence of which can lead to hefty fines. Push bars are important because they can be opened easily during an emergency situation and don’t require a complex lock and key mechanism. Central City AZ Locksmith Store offers commercial locksmith services throughout area and can install push bars at your property at affordable prices.

What is a push bar?

Push bars typically comprises a vertically or horizontally attached spring-loaded mechanism that functions when operated upon, opening the door from inside. So, during an emergency, people will just have to press down the bar and push open the door to exit the building. Also known as crash bars, they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

How to choose the right push bar for your property?

There are many things that should be taken into account before installing a push bar, some of which include factors like how many emergency exits are there in the building, size of the building, number of levels, occupancy, location of the doors, and budget estimate. It is understandable if you are unable to find the right product and that is where Central City AZ Locksmith Store can help you. Our experts offer free security consultation and recommend you suitable products falling within your budget.

How can push bar stand up against threats?

Push bars can be easily opened from the inside and will prevent your door from being opened from the outside. Also, modern variants come with alarms that go off if someone attempts to escape using them. Many other security features make them a boon for building owners and a safe guardian against external security threats.

Round-the-clock service throughout Central City

Central City AZ Locksmith Store offers 24-hour emergency services and is available even on holidays for any urgent requirements. If you need new exit bars at your building or get the current push bar repaired, then call a Central City AZ Locksmith Store locksmith today!

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