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Have you recently moved into a new house? Did you just evict a bothersome tenant or employee? You need to rekey your locks immediately! Why, you may ask? Locks rekeying is a procedure where we reset all your locks to make them incompatible with the old keys. This procedure is beneficial for those who have misplaced their keys somewhere or for people who suspect that someone might have the keys to their property. Since it is not wise to change your locks completely during such instances, re-key locks is the best alternative for you.

What does the rekeying procedure involve?

To elaborate on the procedure we mentioned earlier, rekey locks involves a simple process of removing the pins and tumblers of your locks and replacing them with a new set that can work with the new key. The old key thus becomes useless. Sometimes, in order to make your locks more secure, we remove specific pins from inside to make them inaccessible to an ex-tenant or a contractor who might try to breach your security with malicious intentions.

When should you re-key locks?

Some common situations when you should decide to re-key locks:

  • Moving to a new property: If you are moving into a newly bought or a rented property, you should opt for rekeying, even if the locks are brand new. Maybe the previous owner, tenant or estate agent night be having a spare set of keys and try to access your property without your consent, rekeying would eliminate such fears from your mind.

  • You’re renting out to someone new: If you own a property in area and have a spurned ex-tenant to deal with, your best move would be to get your locks rekeyed.

  • After divorce/fallouts: Are you in dispute with your spouse or an employee? To restrict their entry to your premises without your consent, you should opt for rekeying your locks.

  • You’ve lost your keys: If you have recently lost or misplaced your keys, and are unsure where? Whosoever finds it may not have the pleasant feeling for you and try to harm you in some way. To avoid such incident go in for rekeying your locks.

Free consultations

All locks are not designed for rekeying; sometimes the entire lock has to be replaced. Central City AZ Locksmith Store will inspect your lock as a part of a free consultation and advise you whether they can be rekeyed or not.

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