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A file cabinet is a place where we all store our most important documents like birth and educational records, office files, transaction summaries, bank records, property papers, etc. When a file cabinet jams up and refuses to open, you cannot access any of these documents. Try to open it by force and you put all your valuable papers at risk. Central City AZ Locksmith Store has been unlocking file cabinets for years and can easily open yours with the help of its hi-tech tools.

Comprehensive unlocking file cabinet service

We are capable of tackling all kinds of file cabinet locks, however, advanced they may be. So do not waste time in pondering and call for our unlocking file cabinets services in area immediately.

There are two basic types of file cabinet locks:

Key-based locks:

Tubular cylinder, cam, sliding teeth or lock-bars are all examples of key-based locks. Our unlocking file cabinet service team can open such locks efficiently and also rekey or replace them if needed.

Keyless locks:

Keyless locks demand a combination code to allow access. Sometimes, people forget the combination and end up losing access to the file cabinet. But don’t worry, our technical experts can help you open such locks.

Dial Central City AZ Locksmith Store for assistance

We are adept in resolving all kinds of file cabinet lock issues. Our team of experts has unlocked thousands of file cabinets and is aware of the common issues that result in a lock getting jammed. Just call our helpline and give us your address; our team of experts will reach you urgently, inspect the type of lock and cabinet you are using, and plan the best possible way to open it without any damage to your cabinet.

 Unfortunately, some locks cannot be opened by traditional or technical methods and leave us with no choice but to drill open the file cabinet. But you don’t have to worry. Our experts are very dexterous with their methods and will delicately drill into your cabinet without putting any of your valuable documents at risk.

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Unlocking file cabinets can be a tricky business; therefore, you must always rely on Central City AZ Locksmith Store experts to do the job for you. Call us anytime on 602-491-0901 and we will send our team of friendly locksmiths instantly.